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Outreach Reentry Ministry Task Force / Our Goal!

As the Outreach Reentry Ministry Task Force & Black Wall Street Inmate Reentry & Recovery Staff our goal is to assist  Prisoners, Ex-offenders  and their Families Members through our Three (3) Step Phase Programs (1) Preparation (2) Transition & (3) Stabilization 

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Matthew 25:36 Jesus said "I was in prison and ye came unto me".

Black Wall Street USA / Inmate Reentry & Recovery

National Committee

 National Director: Elder Willie Simpson  

Vice National Director: Vernon Key 

Administrator: Denise Ragland   

Assistant Administrator: Saundra Smith

Program Director: Ana Parson  

Business Development: Ronald Lee  

Director of Operations Attorney Thomas Headen

Athletic Director Henderson Kelly 

Jerry Blassingame, SC

Micah Carter, AL

Homer Crittenden, AL

Jayreshena Cavalier, TX

Corion Gray, LA

Marlon Hammond, IL

Melissa Hardin, AL

Laurence Littleton, IL

Damon Taylor, KY

James Mason, TX

Charlie Burgess Jr, MS

Sidney Vallie, TX

General Parker, IL

Stanley Birl, AL

Guy A. Wells, MS

Veronica Williams, TX

Raymond Comeau, Costa Rica

Daniel Crooks, AL....... Social Media Intern

BWSUSAIRR Inmate Reentry & Recovery Weekly Open Forum

Every Thursday @ 8:00pm EST

Host: Elder Willie Simpson BWSUSAIRR National Director or Designee

Status: Conference call is open to public each Thursday @ 8:00pm EST

Closed meeting on the 11th of each month / Open to Black Wall Street National Members ONLY!

Conference# 712-451-0683 Conference Code: 614060

Black Wall Street USA Inmate Reentry & Recovery Department Appointment:

Please be advised that in August 2018 Elder Willie Simpson was appointed the National Director of the Inmate Reentry & Recovery Programs of Black Wall Street USA by Founder & President Dr. Michael Carter, Sr.  Please visit BWSUSAIRR.COM for more details. We are seeking members from across the country, so if you are interested in becoming involved in this movement with assisting Offenders, Ex-Offenders and their Family Members please contact our offices at 256-394-3306 or 





A Prison Aftercare Ministry


Preparational, Transitional & Stabilizational Aftercare Programs:

Outreach Reentry Ministry best accomplished our Mission, Vision, Programs and Services through a three step Foundational Value Phase Approach. The three basic phases of successful reentry used by Outreach Reentry Ministry are (1) Preparation (2) Transition & (3) Stabilization.... For more information on these programs and services please contact us @ 256-394-3306 or /  or continue visiting our site then contact us and let us know how we can assist you! 

An Outreach Reentry Ministry, Inc. Transitional Facility for Ex-offenders returning to society after incarceration!!!

Our Partners


Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals of helping to reduce recidivism in our jails and prison systems. Your generous donation will help fund our mission. Thank you and God bless you!

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Special Update

One of Our Leader Went Home To Be With The Lord!

 Please be advised that Mrs Arlinda Simpson our Administrator & Wife  of our Executive Director & Founder went home to be with the Lord on Sunday  August 19th. Mrs Arlinda Simpson headed up our Women's Prison Ministry  and was devoted to visiting the women that are incarcerated in our Jail  & Prison Sysyems.  Mrs Simpson loved the Lord with all of her heart.  Rest In PEACE Soldier! 

Stabilization Aftercare Program Available Nationwide!


National Stabilization Aftercare Conference Florence, AL Thursday June 20th & Friday June 21st 2019

The Stabilization Aftercare Program offers assistance to Ex-Offenders & their Family members. Our next Stabilization Aftercare Conference / Date: Thursday June 20th & Friday  June 21st / Location: Shoals Chamber of Commerce 20 Hightower PL Florence, AL 35630 / Contact: 908-448-0972 Attn: Ray Comeau

National Stabilization Aftercare Conference Registration / Spaces Limited

Please contact 256-394-3306  or for detail information!!!

Rev Charlie Burgess & Mr Hillman Muhammad


Rev. Charlie Burgess

Rev. Charlie Burgess is one of the leading  figures in the North Alabama area. He is the Associate Minister @ the Bethel Colbert Missionary Baptist Church, President of the Martin Luther King Jr. Committee of North West Alabama & President of the Interdominational Ministerial Alliance. Rev. Burgess also hosts a weekly radio program "Rev. Burgess & Friends" which airs on WZZA 1410 AM prime time each Saturday from 12:00-1:00pm CST ( Elder Willie Simpson is the Co-Host of the weekly "Rev. Burgess & Friends" radio program) 

Mr. Hillman Muhammad

Mr. Hillman Muhammad is a professional businessman. Mr. Hillman Muhammad resently relocated to Alabama and is now the Executive Director of Black Wall Street Alabama. Mr. Hillman Muhammad hosts a live online streaming radio Program on WDJL1000 am Mondays 4-4:30 CST. / stream in live at 

Seven Key Areas Met By BWSUSAIRR & Network Partners

*Cognitive Behavior Therapy - Meeting the emotional-social behavioral needs at pre-release

*Employment & Entrepreneurship - obtaining employment or entrepreneurial opps for those released

*Housing - meeting housing needs of those released

*Health & Wellness - meeting medical care needs to those released

*Education - meeting educational needs for those released

*Life Skills & Employability Skills - meeting the life & employability skills of those released

*Restoration of Civil Rights - assisting those released to obtain the restoration of their civil rights so that they can life as full citizens after they have paid their debt to society

Recidivism / Locked Up Again!!


About Us

Narrative Description of our Activities:


Outreach Reentry Ministry, Inc. provides services to prisoners, ex-offenders and their family members. Our programs provide support to those applicants for the development and implementation of comprehensive and collaborative reentry strategies specifically designed to increase public safety by reducing recidivism.

Outreach Reentry Ministry, Inc. provides reentry services to individuals leaving incarceration (with a focus on individuals identified  as being at medium to high risk to recidivism) including AA / NA programs, anger management, support for housing, education, employment and family relationships as well as and mental health treatment linkages, and therapy that addresses criminal thinking patterns.

Outreach Reentry Ministry, Inc. is best accomplished through a phased approach. The three basic phases of successful reentry used by Outreach Reentry Ministry, Inc. are indicated below:

* Preparation

* Transitional

* Stabilization

* Preparation: Beginning 6 to 12 months prior to release. Volunteers focus on equipping the prisoners with the skills, education, and resources needed to make a successful transition to the outside world.

* Transitional: When the ex-prisoner leaves the prison gates reentry volunteers make sure he or she has safe housing, food, clothing, and many other key supports. During the early days of release most ex-prisoners need daily encouragement and assistance until the crisis-levels needed are resolved. Then they need continued weekly contact, spiritual guidance, and emotional support for 12 to 24 months as they find employment, begin to rebuild relationships, and adapt to their new life outside of prison.

* Stabilization: Volunteers continue to disciple and assist the ex-prisoner forward establishing consistent personal habits, healthy relationships, spiritual growth, and church commitment. One very important sign of stabilization is when the ex-prisoner become involved in serving others in the community instead of expecting to be served. This phase is our long term extensive aftercare program which is an on going process!!!!!!!!

Recidivism: Every year approximately 700.000

 men and women are released from U.S. Prisons. That's the equivalent of about 2,000 ex-prisoners a day returning to communities across the country. Studies show that without intervention, two-thirds of those will return to prison within three years. Prisoners often go back to prison not because they commit a crime, but because they violate parole.

Getting Ready To Go Home:


 For many prisoners, the months prior to release are a time of intense fear and insecurity. The time of duress is sometimes referred to as

             "Gate Fever"!!!!!!!!                     

For years decisions were made for them by the Department of Corrections. They were told what to eat, what to wear, where to go, and what to do. Now suddenly the former prisoner must make a myriad of decisions about life in the free world - a place that may no longer feel like home, but more like a foreign country.

The challenge for reentry ministry volunteers is to be prepared to support returning  prisoners during their long journey home. This journey actually begins months before they walk out of the prison gates.

Collateral Consequences

 The moment ex-prisoners leave the prison gate, they face many critical  decisions:

* Where they will live

* Where they will look for a job

* What to eat

* How to pay for these necessities

But this isn't all: 

The dire consequences of a felony conviction last far longer than the years spent in prison followed by more time on parole. In addition to those direct punishments:

* lose their right to vote

* can not possess a gun

* offenders are denied licenses for       

   many jobs

They are frequently:

* Denied parental rights

* Denied driver's licenses

* Denied student loans

* Denied residency in public housing

Sex offenders are required to:

* register with the local police

* Often are banned from many areas

These are called "Collateral Consequences"

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